Press “the tribute” 2007

The whole town took it’s breath, because La Minor have prapared something new for us. We hope it would be an innovation which will shock us.

La Minor is now a family pizzeria! We made it possible by providing the best pizza at the best price. We thank the visitors for their continuing support of our fine establishment! La Minor is always using only the freshest ingredients! Listening to the suggestions made by our loyal customers and our employees, many who have literally grown up at la Minor, we have added several new items to our already extensive topping choices for our pizzas, custom-built subs and sandwich menu. Delicious pizza by the slice, Italian comfort-food, and great games all under the same roof! The perfect place for birthday parties. We have started selling quick snacks and cold drinks, however, it was obvious that we have to grow and prosper one day. In the restaurant business, you have to make decisions every day.

We’ve got an idea and we needed to live it up. Most of our clients now are people with families, or young folks, who grew up with us. They told their friends and they told their friends. We’ve become a demanding and prospering restaurant thanks to our beloved clients. Our main aim is to make people happier and bring them clother to each other. My dad used to say: “There’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a good dinner”. A happy man is a full man. The world belongs to the quick-thinking people. So take the world and make it better! Don’t be afraid of changes. Step out of the comfort zone and try new things. Don’t be afraid of losing clients, do what your heart is longing to do. Life moves forward, and if you stay in one place, you will be rolled back.

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